Gabriela successfully restructured the Plastiflex Spain plant. In a very short period of time she understood where to reduce costs while maintaining quality output. She managed the substantial cost reduction in a way that it was understood and accepted by the staff. By doing so Plastiflex Spain could survive and start building a new future. The way she completed the assignment was inspiring for the whole management of the Plastiflex Group
Hans Swinnen, Chairman Plastiflex Group, Zwijnaarde, Belgium

We highly recommend Gabriela. I have rarely worked with someone with such high personal values. She is much more than a specialist in Change Management. Gabriela’s management consultancy starts with Strategy. She is able in very short time in various fields to analyse the situation and to come to the right conclusion. Due to her great understanding for people, she was very successful in crisis and change management in our french organization, with high respect from the workers, the union, the management and the shareholder. Furthermore she successfully supported our strategic M&A activities to Spain and was running the project management in her balanced attitude as always. Followed by the subsequent implementation and restructuring of the new subsidiary.
Axel Schweitzer, sole shareholder of ALBA Group, Berlin, Germany

Gabriela is a leader personality. She has a deep understanding of what drives a business and how employees can be involved and motivated. Even in a turnaround situations she never looses track and keeps cool.
Karsten Beisert, Geschäftsführer Bardusch Holding Verwaltungs-GmbH, Ettlingen , Germany

In addition to her intellectual capacity, her communication skills and her great leadership and management skills, Gabriela highlight of her honesty and passion that puts into everything she does. One of the things I admire about her is the ability to "think outside the box" always facing problems in new perspectives. Gabriela is one of those rare people who ask “how do you do” and you wait to hear the answer
Luis Miguel del Moral,Director en Deloitte S2G, Bilbao, Spain

Gabriela est un manager capable de comprendre et d’impulser des stratégies novatrices en gardant l’humain au coeur du système.
Dirigeant, Marem, Paris, France

During the time I reported to Gabriela, I learned from her a lot about strategic and multifunctional thinking, being curious about why things happen and how we can further improve. Gabriela would always encourage to find creative and unconventional solutions and constantly challenge the team without losing focus on business targets. To me, Gabriela is an inspiring, motivating and charismatic leader who is dedicated and commited with heart and soul to her job. She knows how to align and motivate a team, and I appreciated her passionate way of working. I enjoyed the time I worked for her
Bettina Scherer-Franz - Brand Manager Kimberly-Clark GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

People are great at what they do, not what they have and what she does in her projects Gabriela is simply enormous. Share projects with her has led me to analyze every problem from a perspective closer to reality. Capacity of work, effort, sacrifice and dedication are inherent characteristics that defines Gabriela clearly. She has the kind of flexibility in decision making that is crucial when the behavior of the environment and the results are adverse. To work with Gabriela in several projects has been an ongoing challenge for me.
Jesús de Miguel, Senior Manager en Deloitte S2G, Madrid, Spain

Gabriela is a very well experienced manager who immediately understands the job which needs to be done” She is extremely effective when it comes to changing existing structures and give a new direction to an organization There are only few persons like Gabriela who can develope a new corporate startegy and then do the implementation herself. She is the only manager I did hire three times. Gabriela definetely is one of the most international manager I know. Born in South America, raised in Europe, with a strong command in Spanish, French and English, understanding different cultures and enjoying them
Ortwin Nast, CEO Hoyer Group, Hamburg, Germany