The difference between a Process in Transition and one of Change lies mainly in where the resistances appear. And it is mainly the individual perception which makes it different. The idea of change is usually quite well accepted. It is during the process of Transition where each individual feels threatened.

They feel that their awareness of who they are is at risk, their identity that is expressed in their daily work or in their role in the company and they resist the confusion and uncertainty of that interim period of the intermediate situation.

All these problems cannot be solved quickly and satisfactorily by the members of the current team which may entertain serious doubts about how any transition may affect their role in the company, which in turn will affect their decision making process. A neutral person is needed. A person who was not there before and will not stay afterwards. Someone who will manage the Transition.

The cases are manifold: the passage from a company that has losses to one that has profits, from a company absorbed by a small group that has more dimension, from a family business that becomes part of a multinational company, from a company without systems and procedures to one with a more professional management.

Therefore, and to protect the know-how and acummulated experience of the existing teams, it is necessary to professionalize the Transition Process, providing leadership skills, organization and support to enable overcoming any obstacle to a good implementation of the process.

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