We can do the complete process that includes mainly management and mediation in agreements of Due Diligence related to acquisitions by strategic corporate buyers and private groups of investors.From the analysis of the financial performance / operational target companies, reviewing financial statements and conducting interviews with the management and the synthesis and evaluation of financial information.

We develop these projects placing the Acquisition before the Merger, but managing both factors as obligatorily sequential.

Some of the specific tasks in the area of our activities are the detection of points of reduction in purchase prices, management restructuring, spin-offs, evaluation of the effects of seasonality and cycles in cash flow requirements, Industrial and Management Research, correlation of information obtained in the processes of Due Diligence with customer ratings and service management expectations.

We also prepare transition plans following the Transaction.

We review the profiles of employees, detecting both the values to protect during the process, as well as the possible points of resistance after the Transaction.

Additionally, we can identify opportunities to develop specific lines of existing business and with potential for growth, as well as in addition to those prior to the Transaction.

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