“Business Transformation: the art of creating lasting changes”

From the point of view of the Management of a company, change does not mean to demolish what exists but to create a different organization.

And the radical changes in recent years make the task of leading urgent, because we cannot continue to respond either with the same tools or the same products or the same attitudes to a market that has changed dramatically.

The globalization implies more than the simple existence of markets that are larger. The revolution of the social communication, the social networks, the means of communication as a whole imply more than a change of means to transmit messages.

All these changes mean that new roles have emerged, others have evaporated and that today reality has actors and speeches that were completely unknown until now.

The customer never had so much power, so much information, so much choice. The local markets were never so interdependent of completely exogenous and divergent factors.

Therefore, thinking about changing is not just one more strategic option. It is a rule for survival. Only those who do things in a different way, organize their companies differently, lead differently, innovate in the methods and in depth, those will have options in the mid-term future.
And currenty, mid-term means already tomorrow!