My activity has lead me to know each part of the Value Chain, resulting in a global knowledge, from the CEO’s perspective. This close contact with the roots of the business is the reason for the alignment of strategic vision and long term sustainability.

Business growth, assets and cash management, distributions channels and logistics, supply chain, production, human resources… the core of the Business! Along 18 years, always with P&L responsibility, I have learned to appreciate their role in the Value creation, becaming passionate for the Company, in all its operational complexity.

Industrial, chemical, distribution, FMCG, logistics and recycling, are some of the sectors in wich I have got and developed my skills and reached the most significant successes.

The scope of my career has developed my ability to negociate with Unions, dialogue with financial investors and shareholders, make business contacts with the Big 4 auditors, as well as international lawyers and strategy consultants, like Clifford Chance, BCG or Roland Berger.

Shareholders Value, Value Chain, Unique Value Proposition and other concepts o “value” in business, have no sense whithout Human Values. Empowerment, engagement, respect, horizontal communication and the CEO’s capacity to delegate are the elements that put human being in the centre of the company system.

As CEO as well as Business Transformation Leader, profit should be the result but sustainability must be the real long-term goal

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