The economic stability of the business is not guaranteed in the current challenging environment of increased competition, rapid technological change and volatile financial markets. And entering into situations of financial weakness or even of losses, does not only happen to weak companies.

From the analysis of the financial performance / operational target companies, reviewing financial statements and conducting interviews with the management and the synthesis and evaluation of financial information.

Managers who were successful until yesterday can become hesitant, reluctant to change, weakened by the need to look at the business from a different perspective, when facing uncertainty and new problems to provide new and profitable exits, adapted to a scenario that has changed.

To turn over a stagnant situation or even one of decline in the results, is to do a Turnaround. Turning it around without losing the core values, without losing muscle. Knowing how to only prune the branches that were draining sap to protect the growth of the whole tree.

A task that can only be performed by professionals, due to its particularities. The management of a Turnaround situation has become a specialized profession within the Management.

The Chief of Restructuring Officers who work within the organisation during the period of Turnaround are called Turnaround Specialists, Company Doctors, Interim Managers, Business Rescue or Change Consultants. We replace a company’s CEO temporarily taking over the decision-making process of the organisation to guide it back toward profitability and safety.

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